Liberty in our local community

KislingburywaendalAt this time of the year it’s easy to think that marching bands and drum corps are just focused on competitions. And we are definitely really excited about bringing our new show onto the competitive field this weekend, but we have also been busy promoting the corps locally and supporting the community that supports us.
Since the competition circuit finished last Autumn, we have taken part in a wide range of events. These have included leading a Remembrance Parade, opening a school fete, performing at a village fayre, having a “try our instruments” stall at a community event, playing carols at a supermarket, leading-off an international walk, playing at a beer festival, welcoming guests to a corporate event and leading the singing inside the stadium at Northampton Saints…and we have just been invited to be the finale act at our local Upper School’s end-of-year music concert. It’s been a busy off-season!
For some events we get a small fee…at others we hold a bucket collection. But what we get most of all is the opportunity to promote Liberty to people who don’t know us. We have had some really great young people join us in the last year, who first saw Liberty at one of the community events. We also get the opportunity to perform and show off a bit…and then grab a burger and hangout for a bit. And that’s us happy.

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