byba-finals…and so to the last competition of our season – British Youth Band Association Finals. We met at lunchtime and between rain showers managed a couple of full run throughs. We then travelled to Telford in pouring rain, hoping that the weather might be a bit kinder to us when we performed.
The rain cleared up, the flood lights came on, the field was a bit slippy but Liberty were ready to go!
The final performance was just what you hope for…..the best one of the season. 38 x 11-17 year olds performed their hearts out and delivered a great show.
Liberty finished in 5th place overall in the Premier Class with our best score of the season. Wonderful memories have been made and great friendships formed…and now it’s on to planning for Liberty 2017. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the field or entertaining you in the stands

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