Every year, #VolunteersWeek helps celebrate those who give up their spare time to support various organisations and causes all over the country. Today, we want to shoutout the helping hands at Liberty!

Stuart, Equipment Truck Driver

Over the last few years, Stuart has driven our equipment truck far and wide. Stuart has also stepped into the Homeless Man character role for our 2017 production at the very last minute - a show-saver!

Jill, Tuck Shop Assistant

Every Thursday, Jill runs the tuck shop for the members to refuel in their break. But she does so much more than that - as the wife of the Corps Director, Jill supports Liberty 24/7. The youth group would not run as smoothly without her!

Dawn, Camp Cook

The members are always tired after a long morning rehearsal and Dawn always saves the day. For several years now, Dawn has been cooking delicious food at our camps that gives the members an extra boost of energy for the next rehearsal!

James, Brass Instructor

James hasn't been teaching the Liberty's Brassline for long, but he's made such an impact. Thanks to his generosity, the brass players are sounding better than ever.

Steve, Drumline Instructor

It didn't take long to see the change Steve had made to the Drumline's sound. With a great amount of drum corps experience, Steve has managed to fix the little things which make a big difference!

Paige, Colourguard Instructor

The Colourguard are performing harder choreography work than ever, thanks to Liberty alum Paige! After performing in the USA, Paige is introducing newly-found techniques to the Guard members and helping them progress faster than ever.

Megan, Frontline Instructor

Another Liberty alum giving back is Megan, who has helped expand the Frontline this year. By spending her teens at Liberty, Megan knows the in-and-outs of a great pit section!

Helen, Fundraiser

Liberty are raising more than ever, all thanks to Helen! When she's not driving her son to Liberty, she's organising teddy tombolas and and raffles that have already financed the 2018 show props.

Orin, Digital Content Manager

At the beginning of the year, our website and online presence was revamped by Orin; another Liberty alum. Without Orin, we also wouldn't look this great on Facebook!

Jayne, Safeguarder

Jayne, who had two daughters in Liberty, knows that we keep the member's best interests at heart. That's why Jayne makes sure Liberty's child protection documents are kept up to date.

Kevin, Bookkeeper

The Liberty books are always looking sound, thanks to Kevin! After volunteering to look after the accounts several years ago, Kevin has done a great job in keeping things in order.

Dale, Corps Director

Simply put, Liberty would not exist without Dale. As the Corps Director, Dale is more responsible than anyone for getting the members on the field and performing at competitions. So many great memories have been made, thanks to Dale.

These are only a few of the great people that volunteer at Liberty. We're very lucky to have their support.

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