The September camp marks the final stretch of our season. This is how we approached the final hurdle.

As Liberty members pulled into the grounds of Beaumanor Hall, they were greeted by the smell of field lining paint. Our generous volunteers were marking out a rehearsal field. This is where the corps would be spending the next two days, playing and marching through the show.

The September camp is always a checkpoint for us. We know there are only a few more weeks until National Championships. We can look back and admire everything we have achieved, knowing there's still enough time to make those final crucial improvements.

Under blue skies, drummers began setting up their stands and brass players were tuning their instruments. Music counts could be heard across the field, meaning the colourguard had already started rehearsing.

There was a lot of work to be done. By the end of the camp, the aim was to field a full show. Prior to this camp, the corps had not performed the final piece as an ensemble. Several musicians still needed to memorise their music and the final drill sets had yet to be set.

The morning was spent making sure everyone knew this music and drill. Each section spent hours performing repetitions of the final piece before coming together to develop the show's ending as an ensemble. After several drill changes, the last piece was on the field and it was time for lunch.

The rest of the day consisted of cleaning the last piece. Several visuals and drill sets were not performed correctly and the corps constantly ran over the sections to get them right. Several hours later, our first day of camp had come to a close. Everyone was treated to a roast dinner, which couldn't have come at a better time.

The second and last day of camp kicked off with breakfast. As some members helped themselves to seconds, others warmed up for in preparation for another full day of rehearsal. We began rehearsing in sectionals to refresh everyone with the opener music. The corps then came together to clean individual errors in the first piece before breaking down several sections throughout the rest of the show.

Liberty first performed the full show with only a few hours to spare. But the show was finally on the field and the corps could now travel to the next competition with confidence that they would put on a great performance.

We would like to thank Sarah Gover, Stuart Gover, Dawn Turland, Ian Turland and Jill Willis, who took care of the behind-the-scenes equipment and catering work which ensured this camp was a success. Photography by Tom Gibson.

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