Gunpowder 1

Performance opportunities sometimes come along that are great fun to do, help raise our local profile, and allow us to raise some funds…..and The Gunpowder Plot at Boughton House was all of those. And if that wasn’t enough, David Hasselhoff was there on the first night. Without even knowing it, we had drummed for the Hoff!
Liberty were delighted to be invited to the 3 night event at the one time home of the Earl of Montagu, who in 1606 called for an act of parliament to commemorate the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. We were drumming at the house of the man who invented Bonfire Night! The importance locally of the Gunpowder Plot was highlighted on the stage as it showed that many of the plot’s key players were from Northamptonshire.
Liberty’s drumline performed on all 3 nights in the courtyard as people arrived, took to the stage as the pre-show entertainment, had a role in an innovative dance and theatre production, and then played again as crowds left the event.
A really great opportunity for our young members to perform at a spectacular venue in front of crowds of over 1000 each night……and they did a terrific job.

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