Liberty 2020/21 - The Orphan

Liberty are excited to announce our 2020/21 show - The Orphan.

The challenging circumstances we are all in has seen so many competitions and performances cancelled....and so we felt we needed to do something POSITIVE....and so we want to tell everyone about our show!

Whilst we aren't sure when we will actually get to perform the show, we are still really looking forward to bringing it to audiences and judges across the UK.

Because of the circumstances, we have decided to make this a two-season show. We hope to be able to rehearse and perform an early version of the show in the September and October competitions before developing it further over the Winter ready for the 2021 indoor and outdoor seasons. It will hopefully also allow us time to explore some other performance opportunities in 2021.

The show is rooted in hope and positivity....something we all need as much of as we can get right now!

Looking forward to performing 'The Orphan' for you sometime soon!


Theme from 'In Pursuit of Happyness' by Andrea Guerra

I Dreamed a Dream by Claude-Michel Schönberg

Help! by Lennon-McCartney

Creep by Thom Yorke

Calon Lan - Welsh Traditional - John Hughes

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