Liberty reduce maximum performer age to 18 years.

Liberty has been described to us as a great youth club for young people who love music...and that sounds like a great description!
As we start 2019, we are taking the opportunity to make sure that we are really focused on being a great place for young people by reducing our maximum age from 21 years of age to 18 years of age.
The reality is that not much changes as we have been pretty much operating like this for the last few seasons anyway...but always with one or two 19/20 year olds. At the end of our 2018 season we said goodbye to a whole bunch of members who had been with us for some time, and were now off to university...and suddenly all our members were aged 18 or under. So, as it wouldn't mean anyone missing out, this seemed like the perfect time to formally make that step. Our Drum Major role will be the one exception and will have an age limit of 21 years. Our junior band age limits remain unchanged and is available for young people aged 9 or above.

Corps Director Dale Willis commented, "This just firms up our commitment to being a great youth organisation, and really helps us focus on introducing new young people to our activity and group. So far this Winter we have found 8 new young performers, and I hope we can find another 8 before we take our show onto the competition field in the Summer."

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