Summer Rhythm pic

What a day…what a weekend!
Liberty took both the junior and senior corps to Thurrock for the Drum Corps United Kingdom Essex show….the last show before the British Championships.
The weekend started well with a terrific Saturday afternoon rehearsal. The final run through of the show was the best the show had been all year. The van was loaded and as the last bits were being put on the tail-lift seized….and so the AA had to be called. A much later night than we had planned.
At the competition our juniors performed in a DCUK competition for the very first time and did a great job. Taught by some of the 15-18 year olds in the senior corps, the youngsters got a taste of what lies ahead for them as they start to move into the senior corps.
And so Liberty were ready to perform our 2015 show, “Together”…but not quite. The ipad with containing the narration was still on the bus…the bus was locked…and the driver was nowhere to be found…and the corps was on the field!
What followed will be one of those days that we will talk about for a long time. Having been told that there was no narration as they stood on the field waiting to start, they rose to the occasion and gave their best performance of the season. Everyone at Liberty was incredibly proud of how these young people just coped and turned a tricky situation into a great performance.
Liberty are looking forward to adding the final tweaks to the show ready for Finals….including adding some narration to the show and bringing it on about 6 ipads!

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