Liberty receive youth social action funding.

Liberty's 2020/21 show 'The Orphan' has allowed us to create a whole bunch of 'social action' (volunteering) opportunities for our young members.

And so we were thrilled when Northampton Community Foundation awarded us £5,000 from the #IWILL fund to help with the show.

As part of our work on the project, our members will be engaging with Right Resolution, a local organisation that supports young people as they leave care. This will help us all get a better understanding of lives that are different to our own. And as part of our 'youth social action' we will be raising awareness and raising funds for the organisation.

We will be encouraging every member of Liberty to get involved in at least one piece of volunteering. Whether that's baking cakes to raise funds for care-leavers, writing up a leaflet to raise awareness about the issues young people in care can face, or talking about their involvement in this project at their school.

As well as having great fun playing music/dancing in the new show, Liberty members will also have the opportunity as a group to 'give a little bit back'..... and we think that will make them feel good about themselves, help develop an awareness of others and boost their own resilience.

Who knew that music could achieve so much?!

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