Zoom keeps Liberty's drummers drumming!

Like youth groups all over the country, Liberty have been unable to meet for a few weeks, and we don't know when we will be able to next meet up.

This has had a big effect on Liberty's drumline.

Unlike most of our brass players who have instrument lessons at school, our drummers mainly learn their skills at Liberty on a Thursday night. No Liberty = No Lessons.

To help keep the drumline on track, all drummers can now attend a 1-2-1 online lesson with our drum teacher, Cameron Stewart-Mathews. These lessons are taking place on a Thursday night when Liberty would normally be rehearsing. Players can just attend their own lesson, or can they can be spectators in other member's lessons, so they can learn from that lesson too.

Lessons are taking place on Zoom so Cameron can screen-share the sheet music and help players stay on track for when the drumline can get back together.

To also help our players we've been able to add sheet music/MP3s for each instrument onto our website so players can play along, or listen to their own part if there is a bar or two that they are struggling with.

It has been great to use technology to help the members stay in touch and keep learning....but we're looking forward to all getting back together again soon!

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