Liberty's new recruitment campaign supports local school and music shop
This week, we were thrilled to be able to give vouchers for St Giles Music to the Performing Arts staff at Northampton International Academy, for them to use as a prizes/rewards for pupils.
As part of our drive to get more young people involved in music and dance, every time a young person joins Liberty, their school will get a £10 voucher from Liberty to spend at our local music shop - St Giles Music. The new member also gets a voucher to welcome them to Liberty!
That means there are 4 winners! The young person has joined a great youth music group, the school staff can reward pupils for their efforts in performing arts at no cost to them, our fabulous local music shop gets some new customers...AND Liberty has some brilliant new members!
After 2 young people recently joined Liberty from the school, we presented these first vouchers at the end of a rehearsal for their school production of Hairspray....and we were able to give a short talk about Liberty too. And with more young people now wanting to join us it looks like we will back with more vouchers really soon!
Liberty is a youth group for young people aged 11-18 years who enjoy music and dance. Come and join us!!

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