On May 5th, Liberty kicked off their summer season at Indoor Music Games Essex. Not only was this the group's first performance of their 2018 show, but it was also several members first ever performances with Liberty!

After the longer-than-planned journey due to some major roadworks, Liberty made it to the Basildon venue with little time to spare. After a very quick warm up, the members were on the performance floor about to showcase their new show for the very first time. Following wonderful performances of Underworld's 'Caliban's Dream' and Georgie Fame's 'Sunny', Liberty were awarded 3rd place.

But the success did not stop there. After very little planning, the Liberty Drumline pulled off a brilliant performance that earned the drummers the title of Freestyle Percussion Class Champions!

Even with ten members down, it's safe to say that Liberty's summer debut was a hit.

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